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VirtuaGirl is a small piece of software that brings your computer to life.  Like in the graphic above, various girls will randomly appear and perform shows for you right on your monitor.  It's very fun!

1. Click here to go to the VirtuaGirl website and click on the download link.

2. Download and run the installation file.  It will work on any version of Windows.  We have installed this program ourselves and it is completely safe.

3. When the program installs, it will ask you to create a username and password.  Choose anything you like, and this will be your new free account at the VirtuaGirl website.

4. Your new VirtuaGirl program will immediately start downloading girls that will perform on your desktop.

5. ENJOY!!!  Girls will now be performing on your desktop when you want, and every day you will get a new girl downloaded automatically.  Everything is 100% free.  Put away your credit card!

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